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Welcome To Bagel Café of Stony Brook

We are the local Long Island guys, feeding our fellow local Long Island people by far the best Bagel you can have in all of Long Island, perhaps all of New York and since “New York has the best Bagels in the world”, we will go out on a limb and say the best Bagels in the world. Stop by our store, order online or let us do your catering and we will prove it to you. We are the new generation of bagel business.

There is a science behind creating a perfect Bagel dough. It is way different than bread dough or any other pastry dough. When you combine science, the best quality ingredients, along with some secret ingredients and double proofing then you end up having the greatest Bagel dough in the world. AND OF COURSE, THIS GOES WITHOUT SAYING, OUR BAGELS ARE HAD-ROLLED AND KETTLE COOKED. There is a reason we wrote that in big letters. If you are ever at a bagel store, the first thing you should make sure of is that the bagels are hand-rolled, and kettle cooked like the old times. If not, leave that store immediately. You will be eating factory-made bread, shaped into a bagel, definitely NOT A BAGEL.

But wait, we are not just finished there. Here is the other and THE BEST reason that makes our Bagels the best Bagels in the world. All bagel stores bake their bagels early in the morning (2:00 – 3:00 AM) and they fill out trays with bagels to be sold to the customers for the entire day until they close. So, if you are at a bagel store at 10:00 AM, you are most likely eating a bagel that’s been sitting for 8 hours. We have a baker in promises from 2 hours before opening to until we close. Our oven is on the whole time we are open. We bake our Bagels as needed on demand. If we see we are running out of certain types of bagels, we bake a couple of dozens of those bagels, so on and so forth. Therefore, our bagels are always fresh and steaming hot. At any time of the day, no matter what time it is, you will have freshly baked bagels just coming out of the oven. Combine this with the best Bagel dough in the world, you will have the best Bagels in the world. The only thing left for you is to come and try it. You will see.

Our grill is on and open all day. We serve breakfast and eggs all day every day. You want breakfast sandwiches, eggs, bacons, sausages for lunch, no worries, you got it.

Our salads are prepared every morning, we use only top-quality organic chicken and vegetables. Our produce cooler is replenished every morning by the local farmers delivering organic meat, chicken, vegetables, and fruits. We have an incredible line of delicious sandwiches. Our goal is never to be only a simple bagel store. We want to serve you the best sandwich you can possibly have. Our sandwiches, paninis, and wraps are incredibly delicious, and they are all made using top-quality organic ingredients. We are also a delicatessen doing lunch specials, incredible sandwiches, custom salads and catering.

Come try our Salad Bar. Create your own salad as you wish. Pick and choose what goes in your salad and what dressing you would like. We will combine everything in front of you into a bowl, chop it to a nice bite size, dress it with your favorite salad dressing and serv it to you with a bagel of your choice or bread of your choice.

Come try our best fresh coffee. Our coffee beans come from a company that uses the Columbian coffee producers that sell their coffee to Starbucks and to many other top coffee franchises in the USA. Brewed to perfection, always hot and never disappointing. If we are going to claim that we have the best Bagels in the world, then we better have the coffee that will complement it.

Cleanliness and hygiene are also our top priorities. There is no compromising on that whatsoever. On each order a counter staff receives, she/he must change their gloves. Our salads and the other food items are always kept in refrigerated and clean displays. Our prep and cutting boards are washed and cleaned twice daily. We hired a company that produces and provides us with special and expensive cleaning solutions, organic and environmentally save detergents to clean our kitchen equipment. They also provide us with special solutions for floors and bathrooms. Our property is under a 24-hour watch by a Long Island exterminating company and the whole promises (inside the store and outside) is sprayed twice a month regardless of anything being detected.

We are the proud official caterers of Stony Brook University. The students at this amazing University are always with us and they know that Bagel Café of Stony Brook is one place they can call home and always rely on us to have the best quality and affordable food for them.